2 crank vs 3 crank hospital bed specifications

2 crank vs 3 crank hospital bed

Manual crank hospital bed type is the most running government tender,and hospital purchasing prior consideration.As most of the suffers who stay in hospital are not complete paralysis,with manual crank docker,the caregivers or patient-self will adjust the comfort position he or she intends to lie.2 crank hospital bed offers the backrest and knee adjustment of up & down,While 3 crank hospital bed has additional function of integral height adjustment of up & down.

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The type of hospital beds is almost the same function,only the function of height adjustment of up & down differs the hospital bed specifications.The 2 crank hospital bed will be the most popular type of hospital bed in hospital or elderly nursing association,as the suffer or the aged,in most of the cases,will enable to handle the manual crank placed at the bottom of the foot board of hospital bed for the function of back or knee adjustment according to individual requirement of position.While 3 crank prices of hospital beds purchasing fees will be obvious higher than 2 crank hospital bed,especially you make a tender from a top hospital bed manufacturers,it needs additional mechanism rotary axis to realize the function of integral height up & down.

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It is all equipped with 4pcs universal castors,it is easy to change the location and control the direction ongoing for loading on the wheelchairs that the patient will be landed on the hospital garden as he or she want.Or whatever purpose of commodes needs,other type of health care purpose of daily testing etc.With the universal castors,both 2 crank and 3 crank hospital bed become very flexible.


As a matter of factors that even though the 3 crank manual hospital bed purchasing from a branded top hospital bed manufacturers is much higher than the 2 crank hospital bed.After all ,there will be accident that the suffer is complete paralysis,he or she is not able to lie down on the hospital bed according to his or her requirement.Therefore the caregivers or nursing people will low down the hospital bed height,put the suffer on hospital bed,then nurse will adjust the proper height.3 crank hospital bed can be also called high low hospital bed!

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