Briefly describe the functions of hospital medical beds

I think everyone knows a little bit about hospital beds, but do you really know the specific functions of hospital beds? Let me introduce to you the functions of hospital beds.

A hospital bed is a kind of nursing bed. Simply put, a nursing bed is a bed that can help nursing staff take care of it. Its functions are much more than that of our commonly used beds.

Its main functions are:

Back function:

The main purpose is to help the patients on the bed to lift their backs and relieve backpressure. Some beds can be equipped with dining plates on the guardrails on both sides, which is convenient for the patients to eat and read in daily life.

Bent leg function:

Help patients lift their legs and lower their legs, promote blood circulation in the legs, and avoid thrombosis in the legs. In conjunction with the backup function, it can help patients change their positions, adjust their lying positions, and create a comfortable bed-ridden environment.

Turn over function:

Help patients to turn sideways, promote blood circulation, relieve local pressure on the body, and prevent bedsores from breeding.

Facilitating function:

Some hospital beds have a toilet hole at the patient’s buttocks, and the patient can sit upright to urinate with the back and bent legs, and the electric bedpan can be activated with one button to easily complete the urination and defecation care.

Folding guardrail:

A foldable guardrail makes it easy to get on and off the bed.

Infusion stand:

Convenient for patients with infusion therapy.

Head and Foot:

Increase the protective area to prevent the patient from falling and causing secondary injuries.

In short, hospital beds are a category of nursing beds, which are designed to relieve the burden of nursing staff, create a comfortable treatment environment, and improve patients’ self-confidence in life.

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