Few restoration Of Cosmetic Dentistry

Whether your teeth are discolored, crooked, and chipped, cosmetic dentistry is the best solution to make your perfect smile.

Those who live with missing or decaying teeth often suffer in silence and are judged for their appearance. It is important to know, however, that cosmetic dentistry offers solutions for all these problems?

Say goodbye to traditional dental treatment Cosmetic dentistry is a modern treatment procedure.Dentist understands that your smile is one of the most important parts of your appearance.

A beautiful smile suggests good hygiene habits and good oral health.

Read all about cosmetic dentistry procedures and their benefits.

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Orthodontics in adults

The reconstitution

Teeth whitening


Dental implants

Bridges and crowns

The Advantages of Cosmetic Dentistry

Thanks to modern technology, improving the smile becomes easy. Cosmetic dentistry is the perfect solution for all problems related to teething.

Today, there are many cosmetic dentistry interventions. Each case, therefore, has an adequate treatment proposed by the dentist.

Orthodontics in adults

To properly align teeth and jaws, a dentist applies orthodontic treatment. In cosmetic dentistry, this method is practiced following a diagnosis made by the orthodontist.

It consists of identifying dental irregularities and then treating or preventing them with the fitting of braces.

The latter is first fixed and then it is replaced by a removable device. Orthodontics allows you to enjoy a healthy mouth. It also transforms the appearance by making it more pleasing and the teeth can last a lifetime.

There are various devices to treat tooth abnormalities:

Classic braces

Damon braces

Lingual dental appliances

The reconstitution
Among the various procedures in cosmetic dentistry,reconstitution is the easiest to perform and the cheapest. 
It includes repairing a decayed, discolored, chipped, or cracked tooth. This method is more suitable for cosmetic dentistry compared to amalgam. 
To perform it, the dentist uses composite resin.

Teeth whitening
A bright smile can be achieved through tooth whitening. It can be done at home, by a professional, or by a laser.

To have more attractive teeth, the application of the dental veneer is the best solution. It serves as a mask for stained, worn, uneven teeth, etc. 
This procedure can be accomplished with the help of two materials such as thin porcelain shells or composite resin. They are custom-made teeth.

Dental implants
A dental implant is like a replacement tooth (it looks like a natural tooth). This type of intervention requires healthy gums. The advantage of this solution lies in the fact that with it, the patient will have no difficulty in eating and speaking. The titanium abutment is directly fixed in the jaw by surgery.

Bridges and crowns
These are devices stuck to teeth or implants. Bridges can also change the shape, appearance, and alignment of teeth.
Two Cosmetic treatment interventions are added to this list, they are dental prostheses and early orthodontics.

The Advantages of Cosmetic Dentistry
Better oral hygiene: if the teeth are properly alleged,

Better oral hygiene: if the teeth are properly aligned, it is easier to clean all the teeth on all their surfaces. Thus, dental hygiene is significantly improved.
 Better Oral Health: Missing teeth and chipped gum tissue directly affect oral health by affecting the health and strength of the jaw.
Better Habits: If an individual needs to receive important treatments to regain their smile, they may pay more attention to their daily habits which could be harmful to their health and their smile. Whether it is to keep a healthy diet or stop smoking, many people change their habits to maintain their oral health.
No more pain: the pressure of chewing is evenly distributed in a healthy mouth. With cosmetic dentistry, the gum, jaw, and teeth are better protected and stronger. Thus, pain is significantly reduced.
Better General Health: Oral health is directly linked to our health. The cardiovascular system and the nervous system can be affected by diseases and infections in the oral cavity.
More joy and confidence: a beautiful smile gives many people a feeling of pride and joy. Several studies also show that smiling reduces stress and profoundly improves people’s quality of life.

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