Four benefit Aesthetic zirconia teeth

With the development of dental materials science, zirconium dioxide has become the new favorite of denture restoration due to its superior performance. Let me accompany you today to understand the advantages of zirconium dioxide all-ceramic teeth!

  • Advantage one

Good biocompatibility, not easy to black edges, not easy to allergies, no bad mouth odor.

  • Advantage two

It has good light transmittance, naturalness, lifelikeness, and excellent aesthetic effect. The well-made zirconia all-ceramic teeth are integrated with healthy teeth, and it is difficult to distinguish between true and false.

  • Advantage three

The production method is different and the precision is higher. The zirconium dioxide all-ceramic tooth is made by using the most advanced three-dimensional scanning, computer-aided design, and grinding by a computer program. It ensures the accuracy of the inner crown and excellent edge tightness so that the made porcelain The teeth are very close to the abutment of the patient’s mouth, which greatly reduces the incidence of gingivitis after restoration.

  • Advantage four

Zirconium dioxide does not block X-rays, and it is not necessary to remove dentures during head X-ray, CT, and MRI examinations, which saves a lot of trouble.

All-ceramic teeth made of zirconium dioxide have many advantages that other dentures can’t match. It is hoped that with the development of materials science, the performance will be further improved to benefit more people in need.

Below is a list of cad cam zirconia dentistry resources material for technician reference:

Preshade Dental Zirconia Blank-Wieland

Preshade Dental Zirconia Blocks-Zikronzahn

Preshade Dental Zirconia Disc-Amann Girrbach

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