Get Better WEAR FACE MASK Results By Following Simple Steps

For over-protection,choose the appropriate face mask manufacturers product type according to the nature and risk level of the epidemic prevention work:

Among them,for people with moderate risk exposure,such as

  1. Ordinary clinics,medical staff working in wards, etc .;
  2. Staff in crowded places,including those in relatively closed places such as hospitals, airports, railway stations, subways, ground buses, planes, trains, supermarkets, restaurants, etc
  3. Employees engaged in administrative management, police,security, express delivery, etc. related to the epidemic
  4. People who live in isolation and live with them.

Protection recommendations: wear medical surgical mask

Lower-risk exposure personnel, such as

  1. The public in crowded areas such as supermarkets, shopping malls, transportation, elevators, etc .;
  2. Indoor office environment;
  3. Patients in medical institutions (except for hot clinics);
  4. Children and students in kindergartens with concentrated learning and activities.

Protection recommendations: wear disposable medical masks (children choose products with equivalent performance).

Low-risk exposure personnel, such as:

  1. Home indoor activities, scattered residents;
  2. Outdoor activities, including children and students in open spaces / sites;
  3. Workers in well-ventilated workplaces.

Protection recommendations: masks are not required in homes, well-ventilated areas, and in areas with low personnel density. Non-medical masks, such as cotton yarn, activated carbon, and sponges, have certain protective effects, and also reduce the spread of droplets generated by coughing, sneezing, and talking, which can be selected as appropriate.

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