Laboratorio dental instrument and material for fabrication

Dental lab instruments play a key role in the fabrication of dental appliances. The efficacy of instrument brings perfection in appliances and prosthesis. Each dental instrument performs a specialized function. The working life of lab instruments mainly depends upon their quality and handling. The corrosion-free dental lab instrument works well and has good working speed. 

Dental burs.

Dental burs are the instrument that has the cutting ability and used in the dental lab or dental clinics. The Dental Milling Burs cut the zirconium and ceramic crowns and prosthesis framework. Milling burs can be made by diamond or carbide material. Both have effective cutting ability and used for different materials. Few burs are also specific for the CAD-CAM fabrication called CAD-CAM dental milling burs. Shapes of dental burs vary with their use. Ideal burs should have low heat production with little vibration and excellent speed.

cad cam dental milling burs

Dental Pindex

The model fabrication is a crucial step that leads to the final fabrication of the prosthesis. Different models plates system used in a dental lab and compatible with different hole and pins system. For holes placement, on model plates, a special instrument is used called Pindex Dental Machine. They drill the small holes on model plates and helps to insert the dental pins. Pindex dental drills work with precision and efficacy. 

giroform model system pindex dental

Pmma Blocks

For the fabrication of dental prosthesis and appliances, a complete replication of oral tissue is required. After the model fabrication, a framework Is constructed at the place of removable appliances. Acetal Dental Pmma Block used for the non-metal’s framework making on the model. They are easy to use and light in handling. Dental technicians can easily use the dental Pmma blocks for removable dentures.

cad cam dental pmma blocks

Care of dental lab instruments.

Good care can increase the shelf life of any instrument. Always clean the instrument after use and it can also prevent the instrument from corrosion. Follow all instructions about instruments provided by the suppliers. Use the compatible system for dental milling burs, model plates and dental pindex. In case of any problem in instrument working always contact the dental instrument experts for proper handling of the instrument.  

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