Periodontitis is very serious, and I have lost a few teeth. Do I still need to clean my teeth?

If you have lost teeth, it is usually a chronic inflammation. Tooth cleaning is the most basic. First, take a film to check. If there is a third-degree of loosening, it must be extracted. If the remaining teeth can be retained, the surrounding calculus and plaque should be washed off, and the gums should be cleaned. Before the end, subgingival scaling is required, the depth of the periodontal pocket is detected, and the infected material is cured. After incision and drainage, the diseased granulation tissue is excised and then sutured.

How can I fix my teeth after cleaning?

  1. Periodontitis will gradually subside, but the previous damage caused alveolar bone resorption and gingival recession are irreversible, and loose teeth can also be retained by periodontal splint. Fix it, otherwise with chewing, the loose teeth will deepen and even fall off.
  2. After the inflammation is controlled, there will be a risk of recurrence. You can use kinjilan mouthwash to reduce inflammation and bacteriostasis. Normally, it should be checked once every six months. For example, if periodontitis is severe, the plaque accumulates faster, and the height of the gums is insufficient, which allows bacteria to grow. The environment is provided, and the teeth will have to be cleaned at that time. It is almost a year or two. It is recommended to brush your teeth in the morning and evening, and clean the periodontal with floss after meals to control and stabilize.

What are the solutions for lost teeth?

  1. For example, dental implants are suitable for the restoration of front and rear teeth. They have independent artificial roots. After the crown is implanted, it cannot be seen that they are dentures. If there are many missing ones, you can choose fixed dentures. Replacement of missing teeth, but the disadvantage is that two healthy teeth are worn away.
  2. There are also removable dentures. The older patients have the most repairs and are easy to remove and clean. However, the foreign body sensation is very strong, and the lifespan is short, and it is easy to loosen after long-term chewing. For more tooth loss, try to implant a single tooth. If multiple teeth are connected together to make a porcelain bridge, there should be no more than two missing teeth.

Therefore, chronic periodontitis requires not only scaling but also subgingival scaling and periodontal flap surgery to control the inflammation.

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