safety of hospital bed side rails you should know the points

Why the tuck away hospital bed side rails

Patient would like the hospital bed position as zero gravity,high end of head position or high end of foot position,while whether the manual crank hospital bed or the electric hospital bed can handle the position easily,as both type of the electric nursing bed is adjustable.However there will be little of possibility of falling down from hospital bed if the hospital bed side rails is the conventional design of full-length and fixed straight line framework.

electric hospital bed with straight aluminium alloy side rails
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electric hospital bed with straight aluminium alloy side rails

The key is to adjust together with the hospital bed pad,while split side rails will work the adjustment conformity of hospital bed movement.Therefore,Split siderails have become more common on care beds now days,and that we will get the reason why. Split siderails are more flexible,safer,easier,and versatile than full-length bedsides.The benefit is as followings.

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electric hospital bed with tuck away side rails

Split siderail is flexible and adjustable

Full-length siderails are rigid once it involves changing a patient’s position in bed.As the full-length siderails design is the fixed straight Line of “L” type which can not be adjusted while the hospital bed position is changed.While split siderails are in two parts,they have a character of a lot flexibility to figure with in comfort positions.This means that if you want to raise the head end of the bed,then the siderail will raise with it while not compromising on the other section of the bed itself. This works a similar way with the foot end of the bed.Because the hospital bed electric motor direct the split side rails together with the command of adjustment such as head,foot or zero gravity up or down.Split siderails elevate the head end and foot end of the bed independently,keeping patients safe while in a profiled position.

3 crank hospital bed adjustable

hospital bed with fixed side rails

Split bedrails are integral to the head and footboard of the bed when the hospital bed position is needed,While the fixed straight aluminium is not available of adjustment function.

Safety for patient

One of the most advantages of split siderails is that they will move with the headrest or footboard whenever the position of the bed is adjustment. Full-length fixed siderails will only keep in one position,therefore if your patient needs to stay awaken in bed,then the side simply won’t protect them,patient maybe have the risk of falling down from hospital bed once patient disturb the attention or lost of patience or whatever cause. With split siderails,you’ll be able to rest assured that your patient is protected because the hospital bed side rails is movable and raiser with the head or footboard as requirement of hospital bed position.

hospital bed side rails type

hospital bed side rails type

With build in control panels on siderails

One of the downsides fixed position of bedrails is that you just can’t have a built-in control board on them.This makes it harder for the patient to work out their own comfort and positioning by themself.Of course this is based on the electric hospital bed,as one of great hospital equpiment supplier companies,we also offer the affordable hospital bed with split siderails,it is a manual crank hospital bed with central braking system,it is good prices of hospital bed compared with the full electric hospital bed for sale on medical supply distributors.

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intensive care bed with build in panel

cheap manual crank hospital bed with split side rails

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Integrated controls is included in split siderails.There are 4 piece independent build in control panel on the two piece of siderails.Inner and out is each one piece for one head of hospital bed side rail.The panel is installed on the head section of the bed giving the patient the flexibility to control the bed.As a comparision of split siderails,the fixed position of siderails will generally be rather ugly and uninviting.

It is convenient for caregivers and nurse

There are 5 piece build in electric control panel,4 piece is on the hospital bed side rails(head part),while there is one piece on the back of hospital bed head board.It is both convenient for the caregivers and patient to process the hospital bed position as required.

electric medical bed backrest

electric medical bed with angle indicator

Some split bedsides are equipped with built-in angle indicators showing perfect 30° positions,which is helpful for the precise hospital bed adjustment of position.This offers caregivers the flexibility to see the precise position that their patients are in.Of course we also offer the hand controller and nursing control panel type of electric hospital bed with side rails.

hospital bed hand controls


icu bed nurse controls

electric hospital bed with side rails nurse controls


Hospital bed side rails for elederly

With the build in control panel and the split side rails of hospital bed type,the elederly patient will have the least risk of falling down from hospital bed,the nurse or caregiver on the beside of patient can do some other job simultaneoursly,which saving the attention of nursing energy.

How to put a hospital bed rails down.

When patient want to be out of hospital bed,it is easy to operate the hospital bed side rails down.As to manual crank hospital bed with fixed aluminium alloy side rails,it is push button with finger,then the side rails will folded as the same height level of hospital bed pad.While the electric hospital bed with split side rails,there is a red button,just using the hand to lift up,the red button is a type of mechnical spring articulate,then the hospital bed side rails will down.It is the same operation for the hospital bed side rails up.

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