The Amazing Electric Adjustable Bed Base Benefit

Recently, adjustable bed base have moved from the health care industry to the home user and numerous people are reaping the benefits. The expense for the really good adjustable beds is no longer much more than the traditional bed and they provide many health benefits.

There are numerous reasons to buy a adjustable bed. It is capable of independently increasing the legs into a 30 to 45 degree angle, which has been known to improve circulation in the extremities and reduce stress in the lower back.

electric adjustable bed features

In addition, many people simply enjoy the ability to put the adjustable bed into a reclining position for reading or watching television. The adjustable bed can be purchased in sizes that are similar to traditional beds with the exception of the king sizes. As opposed to one king sized mattress, the Prodigy adjustable bed uses two twin mattresses next to each other in order to permit independent control for each user.

adjustable bed base position

The adjustable bed is also known as a dual king split twin adjustable bed base and is usually the most popular selection for people who share a bed with a partner. The adjustable bed has many functions. One of its features includes a hand wired control and an electric battery backup. Wired controls are also available for an additional charge. In addition, risers and safety rails can be bought for care giving.

Once you have selected the correct base and mattress, you should consider the addition of a topper that is made from viscous memory foam for additional support and comfort. Foam toppers that are made from viscous memory foam will conform to the curves of the body and permit pressure to be evenly distributed across your back and side as opposed to the knees, hips, and shoulders. In addition, toppers provide a more breathable surface than a traditional mattress pad and are well worth the extra money.

Many people want to purchase a used adjustable bed from places such as eBay or a friend or neighbor. This is not a good idea. The materials and technology have improved so much over the past few years the chances are that a used adjustable bed will be inferior to what is currently available. You shouldn’t try to save some money by inheriting another person’s problem. You also have to consider the cost of set up and shipping of a used adjustable bed. A Prodigy adjustable bed is heavy and will require a minimum of two people to deliver and set it up.

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