tips of different mask purpose application

Where should I wear a medical surgical mask? Where should I wear disposable medical masks? Today, I will share with you how to wear medical surgical masks and disposable medical masks.

The difference between medical surgical masks and disposable medical mask

Medical surgical masks are generally used in clinics, laboratories, operating rooms and other places.

Disposable medical mask have a relatively low protection level and play a certain role in blocking dust particles or aerosols.

Medical surgical masks have water resistance and particle filtering functions. The waterproof performance is higher than disposable medical masks, which can prevent the infection of doctors caused by the splashes of blood and body fluids generated during the operation. It is widely used by surgical operators in major hospitals.

Disposable medical masks do not have performance requirements for both water resistance and particle filtration. Clinical hospital staff generally wear such masks at work, which can also meet the needs of ordinary people.

Where to wear medical surgical masks

It is recommended to wear medical surgical masks for those who come into or go out of places where people are intensive and who are engaged in epidemic prevention and control.

The length of use and replacement times of the mask can be appropriately extended according to the actual situation.

Where can wear disposable medical masks

disposable medical masks

You can wear disposable medical mask 3ply by transportation,shopping malls, elevators, conference rooms, and general medical institutions (except for hot clinics or epidemic areas).

There is no access to crowded places, high-risk areas, or contact with confirmed patients and patients with suspected cases. After returning home, place the mask in a clean, dry, and ventilated place.

If there is epidemic cases in you area,you should prepare some mask in stock,and it is easy to get the medical mask wholesale that near by you.

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