Where to Donate a Wheelchair And Hospital Bed

If you have a spare wheelchair or a hospital bed which you are planning to discard, Some Medical Equipment can help you out. It is a non-profit organization. They try to reach out to local communities with their reusable products. You can donate the old wheelchair which sits idle in your storeroom. The medical equipment company will refurbishes the old wheelchairs and hospital beds, and hospital screen stand and make it reusable for the needy patients. They deal with used and unused medical equipment and make these indispensable things affordable for many. If you want to donate home medical supplies, contact with the professional medical equipment. Their solutions are beneficial for both parties. Your things no longer stay unused and someone gets sanitized reusable home medical supplies at affordable rates.

Hospital bed donation

Donate hospital bed, especially kinds of electric hospital icu bed price is much higher and improve the quality of life for patients. Do not discard the old and unused medical equipment. The related professional medical supplies company will take special endeavors to serve people with disabilities. You can donate used and unused hospital beds and they refurbish it make it usable for needy patients. The company accepts both hospital beds and bariatric hospital beds. List only those items for the donation which are gently used and at present in good condition. You can also donate mattresses for the hospital beds. They accepts low air loss beds, foam mattresses, and firm innerspring hospital bed mattresses. The company representatives issue donor receipts for you and you get tax benefits for the charity work. The donors should maintain a proper list of items they want to donate. The Internal Revenue Service allows a deduction for the products, but the donors can determine the price of each item comparing the fair market value. People can get huge discounts on the beds which are not covered by medical insurance.

Mobility product donation

You can donate wheelchairs and mobility scooters in New Jersey. If you have rechargeable mobile scooters that were gently-used and which are not required anymore, you can donate them for a good purpose. The donation center in New Jersey is located conveniently at Ewing. You can visit them directly for charity and donate. The GWHME accepts many kinds of wheelchairs and mobility chairs as a donation. The list includes manual and powered wheelchairs, pediatric wheelchairs, walkers, lift chairs, hospital screen stand, ramps, crutches, canes, and all other bath and shower items. If you have high-back wheelchairs and tilt-in-space chairs, you can donate to Goodwill. Note down the specifications of the equipment you want to donate. This helps in proper categorizing of the item.

Any individual who these beds or wheelchairs can directly approach the professional medical equipment company. No prescriptions are required to purchase refurbished medical supplies. All the products are properly sanitized and checked carefully before they are handed over to the retail department. The Goodwill people will be more than happy to accept your equipment and fund donations.

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