Which One to Choose Third Party Food Delivery Nor In-house Food Delivery?

Which one to choose third party food delivery nor In-house food delivery?

In a period in which the customers are moving towards the source of convenience, the online delivery systems, self-serving kiosks and mobile platforms have became a key to provide a fulfilment to the customers. Their provide more personalised and fast delivery to the people.It has been said that the 70% of the orders that as been placed in the year 2020 are off-premises orders.

But the Question that prevails in here is that whether to go for a for a third party food delivery service or build a in-house delivery team.In this article i would talk about the pros and cons of Both the means of delivery and You are going to be the decision making authority.

Third-party food delivery Pros and Cons


Using the third party food delivery would bring you more new business. They have a huge number of loyal users and target audience. You cant reach out to some of them directly. This increased Visibility to all customers would help start ups to increase their revenue. While partnering with a third party food delivery services, you could also partner with other food delivery services to. For example if you are going to partner up with swiggy you could also partner up and list your hotel in other similar kind of platforms like food panda, zomato etc.

The third party services also provide user friendly apps that would provide vast experiences and resources to the customer which you can’t provide. While partnering with a third party service, you could easily scale your business by following their way of approach which has already been applied and tested.

Outsourcing your order delivery would help you to have your focus completely on your business that is preparing more and more delicious foods and providing a good service to the customer.It helps you in avoiding investments at the start.


Third party services often charge a huge amount has their commission.Based on your business and margin It would not be feasible for you.Many restaurant owners fear that they are losing control over the delivery experience. When the customer faces a bad delivery experience you would be blamed for it even though you are not responsible for it.While 80% of the customers blaming would point their fingers towards you for the bad experience that they have encountered. Hiring a third party for food delivery would cut off the communication that happens between you and the end customer.

In-house pros and cons


In USA 78% of the people directly place the orders to the restaurant directly and the remaining 22% alone use the third party delivery service. You could build a better rapport with the end customer. It allows you to eliminate the bad experience that the customer has reported about. while you are going to make an investment for a life time where you don’t need to pay any commission to the third party. You could update your menu whenever required.


Need to make an investment at the first for buying vehicles for your in-house team or you must pay allowances to the in-house team for bringing their vehicle. It is fully based on accountability you need to get expertise in all the areas so that you could earn more profits. You need to find a sustainable way of packaging. You would be invisible to your target audience ie the probability of customer knowing about your presence would be less.

Both the means of delivery has their own pros and cons the decision rests in your hands.

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